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Our Company

About Us

Established in 2021, Independence Pet Holdings is a corporate holding company that manages a diverse and broad portfolio of modern pet health brands and services across insurance, pet education, lost recovery services, and beyond across North America.

As a leading authority in the industry, we operate with a full stack of resources, capital, and services that support a multi-brand and omni-channel approach. We operate our own insurance carrier and partner successfully with other carriers, as needed. We believe that pet insurance is more than a financial product and build solutions to simplify the pet parenting journey and help improve the well-being of pets.

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Pet Insurance

All pets deserve the best care possible, and we're committed to ensuring they receive it. We have the industry’s most diverse portfolio of insurance products and services to meet all our loyal companions’ unique needs — and help provide peace of mind for pet parents.

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Carrier Solutions

The underwriter is at the foundation of all we do at IPH, featuring the AM Best A- (Excellent) rated Independence American Insurance Company, providing a full range of risk management, actuarial, and underwriting services to the pet insurance industry.

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Pet Place

Guiding pet parents through the joys and challenges of parenthood, we bring pets and families together with our innovative software, microchip registry, adoption solutions, lost pet recovery services, and our comprehensive consumer resources.

We provide the technology, tools, and services that shelters, rescues, municipalities, retailers, veterinarians, and breeders need to help families find the perfect pet and keep them safe and healthy throughout their life.


Meet the driving forces behind Independence Pet Holdings and our North American activities: a team of leaders and innovators revolutionizing the pet care industry. Our executive committee combines expertise and passion, guiding us toward the future of pet care.

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Corporate Structure

IPH is part of the JAB Holding Company investment platform focused on pet insurance globally. IPH owns and operates multiple brands within North America and is sister company to Pinnacle Pet Group, the leading pet insurer in the UK and Europe.

IPH is managed by the JAB Pet Services leadership team and governed by a globally diversified independent board of directors.